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Disease Care or Vitalistic Care

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Which type of care makes sense to you?
Disease care is offered by someone who is attempting or treat symptoms, alleviate pain or “cure” disease. This is an “outside in” approach. Usually a person waits until they have a symptom and seek care to treat the pain with drugs, therapy or surgery. A person who prescribes to this type of care ignores the cause of the problem and tries to simply cover it up. They also ignore the powerful healing ability of the body and the functioning of the body as a whole.

Vitalistic care on the other hand does not treat symptoms or disease, but rather concerns itself with making sure the body is working the best it can internally—an “inside out” approach. A person who prescribes to this type of care recognizes the internal wisdom of the body that heals, repairs and maintains function within the body and makes sure there is not interference to this mechanism. This type of care goes after the cause of the problem rather than covering it up.

Vitalistic Chiropractors provide true health care. They concern themselves with interference to the system of the body that controls all functions—the nerve system. Vertebral subluxations cause an interference to the nerve system, therefore body functioning is decreased and thus the person’s overall health suffers. Chiropractors also respect the body’s innate wisdom and constant striving to maintain health.

If going after the cause of the problem and thus maintaining the functioning of the body from within make more sense to you than treating the symptom or disease, then you are in the vitalistic model.

As chiropractors, we are proud to offer you this type of care that can truly be called vitalistic care.


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