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Basic Chiropractic Facts

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The greatest healer is your own fantastic, wisdom-filled body. Your body has within it the potential to heal any disease and has the ability to keep you in perfect health your whole life. According to scientists you should be able to live 120 years in perfect health. Scientists have discovered that vertebral subluxations can interfere with your body’s natural healing ability, lower resistance to disease and alter physical and mental health.
2. With subluxations in your body you are less able to adapt to physical and mental stress.
The body and mind thus weakened by subluxations are more susceptible to physical and mental diseases and disorders.
4. Subluxations are often painless.
5. Subluxations usually cannot go away by themselves and must be adjusted by a Chiropractor.
The adjustment permits the body to function without subluxations or with less intense subluxations for a period of time.
7. Readjustment of the spine is necessary because of past memory tracts
8. Regular spinal check-ups and adjustments are necessary during an individual’s lifetime to maintain a high degree of physical and mental health. Chiropractors are the only health professionals trained to locate and correct vertebral subluxations.


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