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What Do Adjustments Do?

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Probably the biggest chiropractic misconception revolves around the adjustment. Naturally, we chiropractors think the adjustment is pretty special.

Chiropractors understand that the underlying cause of many health problems is from nervous system disturbances along the spine. This often shows up as one or more spinal bones that are stuck and not moving correctly. Many think that a chiropractic adjustment puts the wayward bone back into its proper position with the bones above and below it.

Actually, bones are static structures. They move when acted upon by a muscle. And muscles only contract when commanded by your nervous system. That’s why chiropractic is actually about the quality of your nervous system, not the condition of your spinal column.

Your body does the actual healing. The energy I supply with the adjustment just helps things along. I use everything I know about anatomy, physiology and spinal biomechanics to partner with your body’s wisdom. Repeated visits help retrain muscles and with time, your body can “right” it



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