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Can You Defy Gravity?

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Can You Defy Gravity?


We see it all the time. A practice member loses their health and shows up in our office. We’re always delighted to help, but as soon as they feel better, they discontinue their care. But that’s how our society sees health care: attend to health matters only after losing your health. The entire process is similar to riding a roller coaster.


After getting strapped in and using lots of energy, the roller coaster is pulled up a steep incline. That’s like the frequent visits a new practice member experiences when beginning care. Up on top the views are great, but with the power removed, there’s only one way to go!

Like practice members who feel better and then discontinue their care, they coast. Which is what a roller coaster is: a scary ride that while fast, is entirely based on coasting downhill. Gravity wins every time.

Much of the healing and retraining of muscles and ligaments necessary for more lasting spinal changes happen after the relief of obvious symptoms. That’s why discontinuing care too soon invites a relapse.

Are you coasting? If it’s been awhile since your last chiropractic checkup, schedule one for yourself and someone you love today!


Author: George's Chiropractic Health Center

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