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What’s For Breakfast?

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Childrens Health Issues

With a little planning and creativity, you can find many healthier alternatives to sugary cereals.

So, what did you give your children for breakfast this morning? Did they even eat breakfast or were you running so late that you rushed them out the door without it? Is a healthy breakfast even on your daily menu?

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” You hear it so often because it’s true. After a night of sleep, your body needs some refueling to get up and running for the day, and there’s no better way for your family to get the energy they need to do that than by eating a healthy breakfast.

It’s been confirmed that children who eat a healthy breakfast every day do better in school, are sick less frequently, are more energetic and alert, engage in more activities that are physical and are less tired and irritable. Eating breakfast jump-starts the metabolism, which gets the body burning calories. This is especially important, given the fact that there are more than 22 million children under the age of 5, around the world, in the overweight or obese categories – and that number is rising.

Sugary breakfast cereals line the aisles in every food store, at the exact eye level of children in a shopping cart. Terrific marketing, but terrible choices for your children’s breakfast – right up there with fast food!

Sugary breakfast cereals contain a lot of “empty” extra calories and very few of the essential nutrients children especially need. They don’t tend to be filling, the sugar content can really interfere with blood sugar levels, causing cravings for more sugary snacks, and on it goes…

What should you feed your children for breakfast instead? Try one of these quick alternatives to sugary cereals:

• Peanut butter on whole grain toast or half a whole grain bagel
• Fresh fruit, an apple with peanut butter, melon
• Fortified, low sugar or no sugar cereal (and don’t let them add any!)
• Oatmeal with raisins
• Bran muffin

Just remember, this applies to your teens as well. Make them one of these breakfast choices to grab as they head out the door!

And, remember, healthy eating is just one of the components of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget exercise, adequate sleep and regular chiropractic care as well to help your children be the best “me” they can be!


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