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Chiropractic and Fertility

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infertilityIt’s the story of hope and heartbreak. Shattered dreams. Empty nest.

For many women, infertility is a cruel and harsh reality. Coming to terms with it is difficult, almost impossible, especially if you’ve wanted to be a mommy from the time you played with baby dolls and nursed sick little teddy bears back to health.

So…what do you do after your doctor tells you it’s unlikely that you will ever conceive naturally? Adopt? Go the costly and often unsuccessful in vitro fertilization route? Or simply resign yourself to being childless?

We have some very interesting stories – stories that every woman who wants a baby, but has been unable to conceive or carry one, should hear. Stories of women who have come in for chiropractic care for headaches or neck back pain, only to discover that they’re pregnant several months later. Can chiropractic really help with infertility?

 The answer is yes and here’s why. The nerves that regulate and control the reproductive system exit from the spine. If there is any type of distortion or interference in those nerves that keeps them from working properly, infertility may result. As we remove that interference through chiropractic adjustments, the body has the capacity to heal itself. And then…miracles actually can happen!

One study on the effectiveness of chiropractic for infertility followed 15 women, who ranged in age from 22 – 64. They were adjusted using a variety of techniques to remove nerve interference that might have affected their ability to conceive.

The results? Impressive to say the least – 14 of the 15 subjects became pregnant within 2 – 20 months of starting chiropractic care. The 64 year-old woman, obviously, was the only one who did not conceive. Other case studies on infertile women have similar results.

When you believe that you have tried everything to have a baby, come see us. We can’t guarantee results and chiropractic care isn’t a treatment for infertility, but nervous system interferences may be a factor in your infertility.



Author: George's Chiropractic Health Center

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