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Your Inner Wisdom: Trusting the Process for Natural Birthing

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PregnancyWe all hear it. It whispers to us during a time of need, or fear or even peace. But it speaks. How well we listen depends on the many personal experiences in our lives, which open or close us to its guiding wisdom.  

Sometimes called,  “our inner knowing “, “the gut feeling”, “the wisdom within”.  whatever its name, the experience is universal. It is a feeling, a word, an image that stands out bolder than the regular stream of conscious thought and it makes a slightly deeper impression on our minds. It will continue to guide us, depending on our receptive attention to it. 

During birth, women used to decide which position would be most comfortable. They were free to move about during labor and delivery to manage the pain. Somehow, they knew that the squat position allowed their pelvis’ to open up more freely – 1/3rd more in fact! If other people were present at the birth, they were there to support, not direct the process. Timing was not an issue–the baby was born at just the right moment. Once born, the mother immediately held, caressed and nursed the baby. Separation was unheard of. Mother and child recovered quickly and grew strong together. There was confidence in this process as in any other body process –with respect and a sense of fulfillment. 
Doctors of Chiropractic are enhancing the natural process of birth and reducing birth trauma by encouraging pregnant mothers to choose safe procedures, supportive practitioners and healthy environments for birth. They recognize that birth is a normal, natural process directed by the body’s inherent wisdom to function accordingly. They remove interference to her nervous system, optimizing this function. They offer the pregnant mother assurance and confidence in her body’s ability to accomplish this natural process. The philosophy of chiropractic and the supportive science behind it is in trusting the body’s ability to function in accordance with its own inborn intelligence. 

This is just an excerpt, please be sure to read the entire article at Making Miracles


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