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thinking-capThe most progressive thinkers are found in chiropractic offices.  And we are not only talking about the chiropractors themselves.  We are also referring to the practice members.  They are thinking healthy and they are acting healthy. They are receiving chiropractic adjustments before symptoms arise, they are involved in daily activities that renew their body and mind, and they are on a path of wellness. That’s a path that does not rely on drugs and surgeries to treat the effects of the body breaking down.

Most people that come into our office have already gone down the road of traditional medicine with little or no results.  They are aware of the devastating effects of the drugs that have been suggested to them by medical treatment and have chosen a safer and natural way to better health. 

After hearing and learning about chiropractic and the innate healing powers within their own bodies, they realize that a wellness approach makes so much more sense than the chemical approach, and they are taking responsibility for their health by making better decisions in caring for their body.

They are progressive thinkers because they realize that statistically traditional medical treatment is not making a change in the healthcare of our society. They realize that a change must occur if people, young and old alike, are going to get healthier, rely less on drugs and surgeries, and build and stronger bodies.

 A wellness approach is the choice of people who know that the only way to a healthier body is to make sure that it is working at its optimum.  This is by choosing to receive chiropractic care to remove or reduce any interference to the main control system—the nervous system—and by making better choices about other areas of their health and well-being:  nutrition, exercise, spiritual time, family time, social time, etc.

A wellness approach (not sickness care) is the progression of health and well being for our future.  Our practice members are already ahead of the game.  Congratulations!


Author: George's Chiropractic Health Center

We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions and our approach to health is simple. Provide the benefits of good health and better quality of life through Chiropractic care to all, in an ethical, moral, and professional environment.

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