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“The Germ “Theory”

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theory:  a belief, policy, or procedure proposed or followed as the basis of action;  an ideal or hypothetical set of facts, principles, or circumstances; an unproved assumption

Webster’s:  New Collegiate Dictionary


bacteria 2(1)Medical practice has based its care and treatment on the germ “theory” for a long time.  The short-comings of the germ theory is the fact that germs are everywhere.  They actually are, and have been, a part of the universe from the very beginning and they are a part of the delicate balance of all existence.  Why, then are germs looked at by the medical community as being these bad “invaders” out there that need to be feared?


Have you ever really thought about this?  If germs are everywhere,  why is it that some people get “what is going around” and some people don’t?  And, it is NOT because some got “The Flu Shot” and some didn’t.  (That is a whole other topic of discussion).


The fact is that the germ “theory” is just what it says—a theory.  This suggests that there may be other explanations about the role of germs in disease.  Actually, “it is not the seed, but the soil”.  It is not the germ that causes the disease.  It is the weakness in the body of the individual that allow the breakdown in the body to be established. 


Treating or trying to eliminate germs and theorizing that they are the cause of disease really does not seem logical.    Trying to eliminate all the bacteria and viruses in the world would be a losing battle.  And, where some of these microorganisms may be eliminated, others would appear to take their place.  The fact of the matter is is that these microorganisms or germs as we call them are an important part of our ecological system. 


Germs actually will only have their effect on weak individuals, so wouldn’t it make more sense to strengthen the individual?  Since a theory is considered unproven, to have this as a basis for the treatment of individuals does not seem like the best possible approach.   Instead, a better approach would be to eliminate any

variables that would cause a person’s resistance to be lowered.  This would include vertebral subluxations that are interfering with the body’s functioning.  Other factors include improper rest, stress, improper food and nutrition and lack of exercise. 


So, in actuality, germs are not to be feared.  They are a part of our existence here on Earth.  What a person needs to remember, though, is to keep themselves free of vertebral subluxations and to keep their bodies strong so they are resistant to the damaging effects of these microorganisms. 


So, don’t be calling up and saying, “I don’t want to come in because I don’t want to give you what I have.”  We encourage and recommend that you to get your spine checked so that your body can function properly therefore recover quicker.  And,  we at George’s C.H.C. do not agree with the germ theory of disease anyway.  We feel that a strong body can resist “whatever is going around.”




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