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The Law of Cause and Effect

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Every effect has a cause and every cause has effects.

It is important to remember two things in regards to cause and

effects;  while the effect occurs immediately and in the same place as the cause, the effect may be perceived:

1.  at a different place, and

2.  a different time than the cause.

Consider for example:

1.  Dropping a pebble in a lake.  Several minutes later waves in the water hit the opposite shore even though they may not be humanly visible.

ripples of water2.  A harmful drug is given to expectant mothers or children in the 1950’s and the effect (disease) shows up in the organs of the person many years later.

3.  Side “effects” of drugs.  What was the cause?  The drug that was taken to treat symptoms (not care for the cause) of the problem.

4.  A toddler falls down four steps and a subluxation occurs in his spine.  Nerve interference happens immediately and weaknesses in his body start to develop.  Gradually health problems manifest but symptoms are treated with drugs rather than having him checked to see where the problems are stemming from.  Twenty five years later after many unsuccessful attempts through conventional medical treatment, he discovers chiropractic care and starts to re-establish a better quality of life

5.  You are in a “fender bender” and you feel fine immediately following the accident.  In a few days your neck feels sore but pass it off as “nothing” and continue along.  Years later problems have manifested in the areas of your spine that were injured.


Remember: the effect of the cause may be perceived at a different time and place,  but it will still show up in some manner or form. 


Targeting the cause is  always, ALWAYS more important  than altering the effects.



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