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Aging Healthy and Gracefully!

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There seems to be a lot of talk lately about aging gracefully. Maybe it’s because I am now in my 50’s that I notice it more, or subconsciously I think about it, and wonder if I am aging as healthy and gracefully as I can?

Aging is inevitable, it happens to all of us, it does not discriminate.   What steps can you take to grow older while maintaining your health and healthy outlook?

Here are a few suggestions to help you on this new journey of your life.

Staying Active

Make sure you are doing some form of exercise each day for at least 20 minutes.  Bike riding, walking, swimming are just a few of the low impact exercises you can do to help keep you active.

Social Interaction

Join a senior group, find a group of friends to do your exercise with, volunteer at a hospital, library, or school, work part-time,  Anything that will help to keep your mind working, and having interaction with other human beings is always good for your over all health.


Make sure you are eating a healthy diet of organic whole foods.  Try to avoid meats that have been fed antibiotics, and growth hormones, vegetables that have been sprayed with pesticides, as well as, GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”)

Most Importantly

Keep the Brain Body Communication open with regular Chiropractic care.  Your Central Nerve System, which is protected inside your spine controls every function of your body, by sending nerve impulses to the brain, which in turn, tells every organ, cell & tissue what to do.  When one of the bones in your spine moves out-of-place, it puts pressure on that nerve and the message is not clearly getting through to the body.  Therefore, your body in not working as well as it could.  It is VERY important to take the pressure off the nerve so that the messages can get through correctly.  When your brain and body are communicating properly your body is working the best that it can, allowing you to function at 100% peak performance. A Healthy Nerve System should be your number one priority to Health and Aging Gracefully.

Image take from the web…credit unknown.


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