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Fighting Chaos

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fighting-chaos-webBecause you and I have a physical body, we’re subjected to various laws of the physical universe.

Among them, the second Law of Thermodynamics states that things go from order to disorder.

You may have noticed this with objects. Over time your cupboards get cluttered, your lawn becomes infested with weeds and car parts wear out.

With neglect, this happens to our bodies as well.

Various forces such as gravity, poor diet, lack of rest and exercise, negative attitudes and countless other stresses, cause our bodies to break down.

Fortunately, we have an internal force that constantly works to counteract these external forces. (Our ability to heal is related to this internal force.)

Turns out, this inborn intelligence of our body relies on the nervous system—the focus of chiropractic care.

Make a change!

Go from disorder to order with proper rest, exercise and a visit to our practice today!


Author: George's Chiropractic Health Center

We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions and our approach to health is simple. Provide the benefits of good health and better quality of life through Chiropractic care to all, in an ethical, moral, and professional environment.

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