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Torque Release Technique

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TRT SpineWhat is Torque Release Technique?  TRT is called a “tonal” technique because it normalizes the tone of the nervous system. This method of correcting misalignments of the spine uses a low-force tonal adjustment and requires no twisting of the neck and other areas of the spine, and therefore is very comfortable.


This low-force adjusting method allows the nerve system to better integrate and understand the new corrective information and to process it throughout the spinal cord and brain.


After each adjustment, the body is given time to process the change. Correction continues with your body’s movements and breathing. This process teaches and empowers your body to make more corrections. Healing progresses with repeated visits.

The primary intent of Torque Release Technique is to reduce blockages and tension of the entire spinal system, to release trapped, unresolved patterns, facilitate reintegration of the nervous system allowing a greater expression of your health.

At George’s Chiropractic Health Center, our focus is on an inside-out approach.  This means that we set out to establish within a weakened body a better state of inner strength for the person through a properly functioning nerve system.  This in conjunction with good, healthy lifestyle choices will get you on a path to better health and better quality of life.






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