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What Do Your Lungs and Snowflakes Have in Common?

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With the expectations of snow coming on the horizon, most people are trying to get those last-minute things done before the “Big Storm” hits. Please make sure that you are careful when lifting heavy objects to move equipment into a ready state, or storage containers into different positions. Please make sure that you get help when you are lifting heavy objects, if you have the help available. Lift with your legs and not your lower back. Work smarter not harder. That aside, did you know that no two snowflakes are exactly the same?

Nature creates the most beautiful patterns around us. Snowflakes have always been first on the list when talking about how unique each one of us is as well. Each person is unique unto themselves. How do we become that way? The nervous system develops and constantly recreates us on a daily basis.

As we live and grow from childhood, the way our “Master System” develops helps create how we look at the world, how we play and work and our personalities. Because of this, each one of our individual Master Systems (the Brain and Nervous System) has a story to tell. Our exposure to the stressors in our lives also helps form our outlook, personality and character. Therefore, it only makes sense to stay connected to the Master System, so we can heal, reduce stress and enjoy life the way each one of us was meant to; from the moment we were given that Gift of Life.

Growth is one of the signs that you are alive. The ability to grow is one of the “Signs of Life” and to grow properly is a fragile endeavor. A disturbance or distortion in that growth can have detrimental effects down the road. This is especially true of the brain and nervous system. This is understood by us, as fractal mathematics. That’s what people call it in order to try and understand the nature of the natural things around us. These are relatively simple equations that become very complex in a short amount of time. They are also visually relaxing to look at and are some of the most profound shapes. Did you know that seashells and your lungs inside you share this common trait? Those are also two other patterns that are part of fractal mathematics.

So the next time you are outside, stop and take notice of what is around you and you may notice some interesting patterns that you haven’t noticed before. We hope that you and your family have a joyful and prosperous new year in 2016!



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