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Are You Sure You, and Your Family, Are Protected?

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Sun Protection


As we go through life, we learn about different ways to protect our health. Most of us recognize that exercising, eating balanced meals, and drinking good water are all part of what we should be doing everyday to keep our health strong. We all know that protecting ourselves from the sun is a good idea, so we don’t get skin cancer later in life. Our parents tried to have us eat our vegetables so we would grow up “big and strong”. We also know that wearing approved sunglasses with the appropriate UVA and UVB filters and polarization is also a good idea so we don’t develop eye problems. Thinking ahead is the KEY, but there is one part within us that never gets much attention because it’s “out of sight, out of mind”, or so we think it is. In reality, it is THE MOST important and the most abused. I like running your automobile until it just seizes up, because you changed the oil in it. Or are you okay with running your body until it breaks, like an automobile that does not get an oil change?

It is the Central Nervous System and Brain.

Go ahead and look it up. The Central Nervous System and brain is “The Master System”. Nothing will heal, repair, or adapt without the brain first doing something. The messages coming from the brain have to be clear and unhindered or those messages will be distorted. That is the BIGGEST key to your health. And making it a lifestyle is even more important.

Regular “tune-ups” need to be done or problems can develop. Health comes from the inside-out and placing your health totally in a first aid system is generally a mistake. We need the first aid system for emergencies, but those who forget to look at the vitalistic side of their health will never heal to their fullest potential. Healing starts from within. Invest in your health through chiropractic and you’ll start notice all those sunny days ahead.


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We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions and our approach to health is simple. Provide the benefits of good health and better quality of life through Chiropractic care to all, in an ethical, moral, and professional environment.

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