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It’s Not In Your Head

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Human heads with light bulbs and gears on red backgroundIf your Chiropractor had a nickel for every time a new client exclaimed ‘I don’t know if it’s in my head doc, but I feel pretty good after whatever you did…’ their change jar would be full!

Many new practice members believe what they experience from their very first chiropractic adjustment is psychosomatic, a placebo effect they almost feel embarrassed to admit. Or maybe it was the overall positive attitude in the office that lifted their spirits. If that were the case, how do you explain reflux in newborns clearing up after being adjusted, or toddlers avoiding ear tube surgery after having their spines aligned back to normal? It’s not like we give them a ‘positive mental attitude’ pep talk before every adjustment. Healing happens when there’s no interference in the nerve system, whether you believe it or not.

While being positive can help you ‘feel’ better, only your innate intelligence can make you ‘heal’ better. When you get results from chiropractic, it’s not in your head… it’s in your nerve system.

Lancaster Chiropractors who are keeping you connected through chiropractic!

Dr Beth Risser, Dr Greg Bedesem, Dr Terri Heck


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