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I Am

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I am

I am.

Two of the most powerful words one can say. Whatever comes after those two words basically shapes your whole world. “I am the greatest” or “I am useless” – which one sounds best to you, and which one do you believe suits you better?

Muhammad Ali said he was the greatest even before he was.  And then, he became that very thing. Why do you think that is?

Sure, it has to do with lots of talent and many hours of boxing practices, but it definitely had a lot to do with his mindset as well. If he hadn’t thought he was the greatest even when he wasn’t – if he hadn’t trained his mind properly – he never would have gotten there despite the physical training he went through.

What’s in your mind will come to you. That’s a fact and a law of the universe which has no exceptions. So why keep anything but good thoughts and thoughts of joy and success in your mind?

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Dr Beth Risser, Dr Greg Bedesem, Dr Terri Heck


Taken from :The Seeds 4 Life


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