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The spinal Column – November 2015

Nov 2015November 2015


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A Chiropractor’s Education


 Instructor with students in classroom

In many ways, the education today’s chiropractic doctor receives is comparable to what a medical practitioner receives.

These days, the education that a chiropractor receives is quite similar to what medical practitioners receive.

In fact, a recent study says that chiropractic and medical curricula are “more similar than dissimilar.” Some chiropractic colleges require a Bachelor’s degree before enrollment. A doctor of chiropractic’s training generally requires a minimum of five years of college study.

Obviously, medical doctors receive additional training in pharmacology and surgery, whereas chiropractors focus more on physiology, pathology and spinal adjusting techniques.

After passing board examinations and state licensing requirements, today’s chiropractor, like all types of doctors, must attend continuing education classes for relicensure and to stay current on the latest scientific research.

SUBJECT Chiropractic Hours Medical Hours
Anatomy-Embryology 540 508
Physiology 240 326
Pathology-Geriatrics-Pediatrics 360 401
Chemistry 165 325
Microbiology 120 114
Diagnosis, Dermatology, ENT 630 324
Neurology 320 112
Radiology 360 148
Psychology-Psychiatry 60 144
Obstetrics-Gynecology 60 148
Orthopedics 210 156
TOTAL 3,065 2,706

SOURCE: Classroom hours based on the review of curriculum [catalog]s from eleven chiropractic colleges and twenty-two medical schools in the United States (1996).

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Foundation for Chiropractic Progress Points to Chiropractic Care as Primary Approach for Management of Low Back Pain

Article taken from Business Wire

CARMICHAEL, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A recent study, Epidural Corticosteroid Injections for Radiculopathy and Spinal

“Today, a growing number of health care professionals understand the value of chiropractic care in successfully addressing lower back pain,”

“Today, a growing number of health care professionals understand the value of chiropractic care in successfully addressing lower back pain,”

Stenosis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (Annals of Internal Medicine 8.25.15), concludes that epidural corticosteroid injections for radiculopathy and spinal stenosis are ineffective for long-term pain relief and have no effect on long-term surgery risk. In response, experts at the not-for-profit Foundation for Chiropractic Progress (F4CP), point out that utilization of chiropractic care is documented to yield improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, and a 28-percent reduction in the likeliness of surgery when used as a primary approach in the management of spine-related conditions.

“Chiropractic care is a conservative, evidence-based approach, which includes manual and/or instrument spinal care, postural advice, exercise, stretching and general lifestyle counsel – providing patients with a non-invasive, long-lasting solution for optimal pain relief,” states Gerard W. Clum, D.C., spokesperson, F4CP, noting that low back pain ranks as the leading cause of disability worldwide, with 31 million Americans experiencing back pain at any given time. “As new research continues to surface citing the inadequacy of some treatment options, such as epidural corticosteroid injections, it is time for the public to reexamine their care plans and consider safer, more effective options, including chiropractic care.”

Research confirms epidural corticosteroid injections are still the most commonly performed intervention in the U.S. for management of chronic low back pain despite the documented inefficiency, harmful risks and associated costs, which can span upward of $600 per injection. The care provided by a doctor of chiropractic provides patients with high-quality, cost-effective treatment, with cost per episode recognized at 40 percent lower in comparison to patients who initially receive medical care. A doctor of chiropractic receives a minimum of seven years of education, which includes clinical patient management and a passing score on national and state boards.

“Today, a growing number of health care professionals understand the value of chiropractic care in successfully addressing lower back pain,” states Dr. Clum, who references the F4CP white paper, A Safer Approach to Long-term Relief from Back Pain: Understanding the role of chiropractic care as the first option in providing drug-free, non-invasive effective back pain management.

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Real life Chiropractic Success Story!

Chiropractic certainly has added quality of life to this family! 

Call them miracles, success stories, whatever you like.  Those who know and understand chiropractic, realize that the body was created to heal and repair itself.  By removing the interference to the nervous system this young man’s body was able to start to heal and repair the best that it can!

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What positive experiences have you had with chiropractic?  Please feel free to add your comments below.

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Plaque and Subluxations

It's important to follow your schedule of chiropractic care!

Just like dental visits, it’s important to follow your schedule of chiropractic care!

If you eat, you’re going to develop plaque on your teeth – it’s inevitable. But if you brush regularly, you can keep the plaque from building up… thus avoiding the formation of cavities and decay that result from neglect.

Likewise if you move, you’re going to develop subluxations in your spine – it’s inevitable. But if you get checked and adjusted regularly, you can keep the spinal fixations from setting up… thus avoiding abnormal nerve tension and the spinal degeneration that also comes from neglect.

Whether you like it or not, plaque and subluxations happen – it comes with being human. The only other options to avoid them are to not eat or move. But what kind of existence would that be? It’s better to keep these byproducts of Living in check with regular, professional care.

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Happy 120th Birthday Chiropractic!!

We are celebrating all week long!  Lots of food fun and fellowship.  Be sure to stop by for your adjustment, say hi and grab something to eat!!

Chiro 120

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We Never Know…

Something we all need to keep in mind.  The outcome of your spoken words or actions could impact someone’s life positively or negatively.  The choice is yours!

How quickly we can change someone's life.

How quickly we can change someone’s life.