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Planting The Seeds Of Health


Always Do Your Best. What You Plant Now, You Will Harvest Later – Og Mandino

Progress takes time. Though it is true that no one lives forever, it is never too late to start planting the seeds of success. Too many people worry that because they are a certain age, their lives cannot be bettered.

Life is a rollercoaster of good and bad moments. Sometimes we may find ourselves struggling while other times, we may find ourselves doing wonderfully well. No one can be sure that the next day will bring happiness and good fortune, but we can make sure that we try our hardest and put our best effort towards doing what we can now to be triumphant later.

In order for beautiful flowers to grow, they must first be planted. While the seeds of life may seem small, they are quite powerful. Think of each step towards your goal as a tiny seed that you will plant and have one day grow into a gorgeous bloom.

Chiropractic plays an important role in helping you reach those goals by opening up the communication between the brain and the body to function at its peak potential.  During the month of June George’s Chiropractic is “Growing the Health of Our Community One Seed at a Time” by offering Complimentary Initial Consultation & Exam On June 21st at the Lancaster office and June 28th at the Bart office.  Please be sure to call the office closest to you to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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If You Focus on Results…

If you focus on resultsThis is very true of chiropractic as well.  Chiropractors remove the interference that is keeping your central communication system open, and working at it’s peak potential.   This communication system is probably better known to you as your central nerve system, which is protected by your spinal column. 

This interference comes in many different forms, such as lack of exercise, not eating organic whole foods, smoking, vaccines, not stretching before lifting or doing strenuous work, stress from family & work, lack of spiritual time, and the list goes on.  When these interferences occur it causes your spinal structures to shift and put pressure on your nerve system.  Chiropractors call these subluxations, which are the blockers between your brain body communication.  

It is the chiropractor’s job to remove these subluxations through chiropractic adjustments, to allow your brain and body to communicate at its peak potential.   

So focusing on symptom relief, (the result) and continuing to eat fast food, not exercising, smoking, you will never receive the results you are looking for.  

You and your chiropractor are a team and it is up to you to make changes to your lifestyle, in order for your body to receive optimum results from your adjustments, and to have results that will last a lifetime.