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Are You Sure You, and Your Family, Are Protected?

Sun Protection


As we go through life, we learn about different ways to protect our health. Most of us recognize that exercising, eating balanced meals, and drinking good water are all part of what we should be doing everyday to keep our health strong. We all know that protecting ourselves from the sun is a good idea, so we don’t get skin cancer later in life. Our parents tried to have us eat our vegetables so we would grow up “big and strong”. We also know that wearing approved sunglasses with the appropriate UVA and UVB filters and polarization is also a good idea so we don’t develop eye problems. Thinking ahead is the KEY, but there is one part within us that never gets much attention because it’s “out of sight, out of mind”, or so we think it is. In reality, it is THE MOST important and the most abused. I like running your automobile until it just seizes up, because you changed the oil in it. Or are you okay with running your body until it breaks, like an automobile that does not get an oil change?

It is the Central Nervous System and Brain.

Go ahead and look it up. The Central Nervous System and brain is “The Master System”. Nothing will heal, repair, or adapt without the brain first doing something. The messages coming from the brain have to be clear and unhindered or those messages will be distorted. That is the BIGGEST key to your health. And making it a lifestyle is even more important.

Regular “tune-ups” need to be done or problems can develop. Health comes from the inside-out and placing your health totally in a first aid system is generally a mistake. We need the first aid system for emergencies, but those who forget to look at the vitalistic side of their health will never heal to their fullest potential. Healing starts from within. Invest in your health through chiropractic and you’ll start notice all those sunny days ahead.


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Memorial Day is Upon Us…How Do You Travel??



Memorial Day is now here! There will be more people traveling on the roads this year since 2005, according to current polls. Also, it is the first nice weekend we have had in a very long time. How will you fair during this busy travelling season? Most of us will be meeting family or friends during this holiday to grill outside or to take this time to decompress from the hustle and bustle of everyday activities and schedules.

How will your body handle the trips to and from your choice of venue? Will it be an easy transition, or will it be challenging without pillows, supports, liniments, rubs, braces, or wraps? Or even worse, you wouldn’t be able to function without taking over-the-counter medications that are designed to mask the problem. As health professionals, this tell us that you have a health issue that has been developing over time and you have a serious problem. We can help.

Obviously, it makes sense to take care of these issues prior to engaging on a long trip. Most people would agree. But, most people are not even aware that there is another way to take care of their health. Your brain and body work as a whole functioning system and not in parts. That is what makes chiropractic shine and is unique and distinct. So if you hear friends or family talking about how hard the trip was, or the difficulties that they are having with their health, mention chiropractic.  A vitalistic chiropractor may be the best option for them, especially if they want to heal naturally and quickly from the inside out. A lot of serious issues can be avoided by being proactive with your health.

If you have any friends or family that have served or are serving in our Armed Forces. Please pass along our “Thank you for protecting our Freedom.”, and if they are having health issues, we have your back.



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What Do Your Lungs and Snowflakes Have in Common?


With the expectations of snow coming on the horizon, most people are trying to get those last-minute things done before the “Big Storm” hits. Please make sure that you are careful when lifting heavy objects to move equipment into a ready state, or storage containers into different positions. Please make sure that you get help when you are lifting heavy objects, if you have the help available. Lift with your legs and not your lower back. Work smarter not harder. That aside, did you know that no two snowflakes are exactly the same?

Nature creates the most beautiful patterns around us. Snowflakes have always been first on the list when talking about how unique each one of us is as well. Each person is unique unto themselves. How do we become that way? The nervous system develops and constantly recreates us on a daily basis.

As we live and grow from childhood, the way our “Master System” develops helps create how we look at the world, how we play and work and our personalities. Because of this, each one of our individual Master Systems (the Brain and Nervous System) has a story to tell. Our exposure to the stressors in our lives also helps form our outlook, personality and character. Therefore, it only makes sense to stay connected to the Master System, so we can heal, reduce stress and enjoy life the way each one of us was meant to; from the moment we were given that Gift of Life.

Growth is one of the signs that you are alive. The ability to grow is one of the “Signs of Life” and to grow properly is a fragile endeavor. A disturbance or distortion in that growth can have detrimental effects down the road. This is especially true of the brain and nervous system. This is understood by us, as fractal mathematics. That’s what people call it in order to try and understand the nature of the natural things around us. These are relatively simple equations that become very complex in a short amount of time. They are also visually relaxing to look at and are some of the most profound shapes. Did you know that seashells and your lungs inside you share this common trait? Those are also two other patterns that are part of fractal mathematics.

So the next time you are outside, stop and take notice of what is around you and you may notice some interesting patterns that you haven’t noticed before. We hope that you and your family have a joyful and prosperous new year in 2016!


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Have a New Year’s Resolution?

We all love ringing in the New Year with a new beginning. We make resolutions every year. Unfortunately, most of us break them by the end of January or February. That happens because what we wanted to accomplish that was not fitting into our lifestyle at the time. “Changes”, needed to be made. That dreaded word “Change” can be difficult for some. Resolutions have to fit into our lives to really make positive changes. Those changes can be difficult. But where are your priorities and what are your goals for the coming year?

It all starts with a resolution to start something new in our routines with the start of the New Year. Our lifestyle choices are important in regards to our individual health and our family’s health. Our health must be guarded and enhanced from within, on a daily basis, rather than having a false hope that things might get better. One has to do something in order to get a result. Change doesn’t happen unless you start from within and do something. It is our most precious gift, and we need to take care of it from its beginning and until its end.

What are the resolutions you have made this New Years? Eating better? Drinking more water? Exercising more? These are all good things. But, have you thought about your health from the “Inside Out”, rather than hoping that something from the “Outside In” that you do will be the magic pill to do the trick?

Where does health come from? Does it come from some magical berry on some remote island, off in the South Pacific; that no one has heard of? Or does it start from the moment of conception when you were blessed with the gift of Life. That ability to heal daily comes from the Master System, which is the nervous system and the brain.

There is no magic pill, potion or salve that will restore your health more solidly than reconnecting you to the “Life Force” that you were given at birth. Our job as chiropractors is to reconnect you to that “Life Force”. Your job, as a practice member is to give your body the time, and opportunity to heal. You need to promote the healing within yourself when away from the office. This can be done many different ways. Some members will get more rest, or take more breaks when doing strenuous jobs. Some will get a massage, or take a relaxing bath. Some will reduce their stresses by limiting the negative stress in their lives or by taking more quality time for themselves.

Please do yourself a favor, and see a Vitalistic Chiropractor to get your Master System checked for interferences and disturbances in its abilities. This New Year is promising and bright. Choose some changes that will help you accomplish your goals of being healthy and happy.

I truly hope this message about “Lifestyle Choices”, has gotten you to really think about where you are in your journey through life, and what positive things you might be able to change, so you can help yourself in order to help others. We wish you and your family a wonderful and happy New Year!! We are all in this journey together!

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Exercise: A Mood Changer

Exercise: A Mood Changer

Woman running in street

Kick up the cardio and boost your mood!

Ask a daily runner why she runs and you’re likely to hear, “It makes me feel good.” Those of us who aren’t fond of exercise of any type might find this really hard to understand. How can something that makes you sweat and pant actually make you feel good?

Can Exercise Affect Your Mood?

Simple answer – absolutely.

Let’s go back to our running example – some might say they run when they feel stressed out. Others might say they run after an argument with a spouse. Why do they say this? Because they feel different after a run. They may feel stronger, calmer or happier; many runners report that they experience a “runner’s high” that helps them to push past physical pain and limitations.

It’s a known fact that exercise releases certain chemicals in the brain, including endorphins and dopamine, which affect mood. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers – in fact endorphins are more powerful than morphine. They help an athlete to stay in the game and push past their pain after an injury.

The Benefits of Frequent Exercise

Some scientists claim that endorphins improve immune system function and lower blood pressure. They also have anti-aging effects because they attack superoxides, molecules that threaten living tissue and are responsible for illness and aging. They can also reduce anxiety and feelings of depression and raise self-esteem. Frequent exercise has a direct effect on endorphin release – the more you exercise, the more endorphins you produce each time you exercise!

Exercise also raises dopamine levels in the brain. Low dopamine levels cause you to feel mentally foggy and sluggish. Dopamine levels increase in response to a low or moderate amount of exercise. Dopamine can also help you to get a good night’s sleep unless you engage in too strenuous a workout, then it has the opposite effect of causing sleeplessness.

Add Chiropractic Care for Optimal Wellness

So aside from the major health benefits of exercise, including weight control and cardiovascular health, exercise also helps to boost your mood, increase pleasure and [minimize] pain. And when you add regular chiropractic care, adequate sleep and a healthy diet – you have all the makings of a lifestyle that supports optimal wellness and wellbeing!

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One Down – Life to Go

Eat Exercise Adjust RightHow many healthy meals does it take to lose 20 lbs? Or how many miles on the treadmill does it take to shed 5 inches? Obviously it takes more than one, and you’ve got to stick with it to maintain the results. Well, the same goes for your Chiropractic care.

It takes more than one adjustment to change your state of health. It’s true, the body has a greater potential to improve even after just one adjustment. But like eating well and exercising, you achieve lasting results only with repetition and consistency. So how long should you stick with your new diet regimen, exercise routine or Chiropractic care plan? The answer is, as long as you want to be healthy… and hopefully that’s for the rest of your Life.

In the world of fitness, healthy eating and Chiropractic, there’s no such thing as ‘one and done.’ You’ve got to stick with it to reap the rewards.

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An Ounce of Chiropractic…

ounce of chiro and surgeryThere’s a saying that goes an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. From a financial stand point, nothing could be more true when it comes to using Chiropractic care.

A 2005 study published in JMPT found “for low back and neck pain, the inclusion of Chiropractic benefits resulted in a reduction in the rates of surgery, advanced imaging, inpatient care, and x-rays.1” That means less unnecessary testing, less hospitalization and fewer operations when Chiropractic care is made available. The scales clearly tip in our favor.

When you keep your Nerve System clear and give your body a chance to heal itself, you end up saving tons of time, money and aggravation. Chiropractors know it. Our patients know it. We’re just waiting for the rest of the world to catch on.

1. J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2005 Oct;28(8):564-9